Drummer Mike Gennaro has been an active part of Toronto’s improvised music community since the mid 90′s. He has collaborated with improvising musicians from around the globe including Juini Booth (Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner), John Butcher, Mats Gustafsson, Eugene Chadbourne, Trevor Watts and Wilbert deJoode among others.
Mike has recently been active in Europe, as a Canada Council grant brought him to the UK in 2016 to perform with legendary pianist Veryan Weston as part of his Rhythm Figures project. After releasing Bring A Book with British clarinetist Alex Ward, the duo set out on a successful German tour in the fall of 2017.
Gennaro has released several recordings on labels such as Spool, Bug Incision and Arachnadiscs and has performed at festivals throughout North America and Europe. He has also received support from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada Arts Councils for touring and recording projects.


Wrist Error – Tempo Tempo, 1999 Ulterior Records
Gustafsson/Newman/Gennaro – Port Huron Picnic, 2000 Spool Records
Simeon Abbott & Mike Gennaro – Meditations on First, 2012 Bug Incision
Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro – Sine Que Non, 2014 Arachnadiscs
Ken Aldcroft & Mike Gennaro – Adidas & Shorts, 2016 Bandcamp digital release
Mark Hundevad & Mike Gennaro – The Archives of Eternity Vol. 1&2, 2016┬áBandcamp digital release
Alex Ward & Mike Gennaro – Bring A Book, 2017┬áBandcamp digital release
Mike Gennaro – Practice Vol.1: Your Prayer, 2018┬áBandcamp digital release